Science Crafts for Preschoolers

science crafts for preschoolers


Teaching science to preschoolers is a fun and rewarding experience. It’s neat to see them really get in touch with the world around them.

make four season trees

These 4 season trees are a cute craft, and you can use them to teach about deciduous and evergreen trees as well.


Keep the “green” theme going with these cup pets.


Try this easy to do “sponge garden”





Have fun “hunting” butterflies with this cute, easy to make, butterfly net. 



Science Games for High School

Learning science can be a lot of fun when you add some enrichment games like these!

Pass The Chicken

This game requires a rubber chicken, although you can substitute a ball, atom model or anything else you have in your classroom that students can easily pass. Have your students sit in a circle and choose one student to be “It.” Once you say “Go,” ask “It” to name five natural elements, the process of photosynthesis or five elements on the periodic table. While “It” answers, the other students pass the chicken around the circle. When “It” finishes the question, the student holding the prop will be “It.” If the prop has made its way back to the original student before she finishes, she will have to answer a new question.

Check out other games here like Science Bingo or “True or False”.


Stage a debate, work on Spring Cleaning, or work on building a paper airplane for group enrichments!  Get the ideas here.




Build an audubon journal for watching nature and get more out of physical science AND art!



Create your own pinhole camera!


What other games can you think of to get kids interested in science?

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